Canine Remedial Massage

 Massage is an ancient technique that has been used by humans for centuries.

So why wouldn’t have all the same benefits for your dog as it does for us? 


IMG_0726 (2)Massage can be defined as;

The art of pressing, rubbing and manipulating the soft tissues of the body.’

Canine Remedial Massage encompasses Swedish Massage and myofascial release techniques with passive stretches and active exercises. All of which aim to re-balance your dog’s body and optimize muscle and joint health and mobility.

By getting hands on with your dog, our therapist will feel every lump and bump on your dog’s body, in doing so will be able to locate and release any tight muscles and knots. They will be able to note any changing areas of concern and ideally treat the issue before it becomes more of a problem. Passive stretches and active exercises to encourage dogs to weight bear more evenly, increases their range of motion, suppleness, muscle tone and flexibility.

Each dog will have an individual treatment plan and this plan may differ throughout the treatment depending on the dog’s progression. Some dogs may take a few sessions to understand what it is all about; they may not be unfamiliar with being touched in certain areas, have a short attention span or may have a lack of trust. Our therapist will work at a rate that your dog is comfortable. Sessions generally last from an hour to an hour and half and will include a full massage, stretches and exercises if and when appropriate.

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